Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Platte River Half Marathon

I wish I could say that I had a great race, felt great, PR'd etc. but it wasn't in the cards for this race.
It was a tough day out there for me on Sunday. I was doing well for the first six miles but then I TOTALLY fell apart during the rest of the race. While my quads were hurting, the lack of energy was the biggest problem. I ended up walking A LOT. I wasn't feeling well at the finish and headed right home where I proceeded to get pretty sick. I am now thinking Ihad some type of bug and that that was part of why I struggled.
The other possibility is my nutrition. While I have always used the same things (gels, H2o and Powerade) the last few long runs have left me nauseous and a bit light headed at the end. This did not happen in Arizona when I did the half marathon  or during other long runs a few months back. I drank a bit more Powerade (a flavor off of the course ) and an additional gel with the hopes that it would help me. I wonder it that could have done something. Also, I did a ten mile run last week without any muscle pain.  Sunday, by mile eight, my quads were hurting. Also what happened to me after the race at home (thank goodness) was much worse then anything I have previously experienced. It was like having food poisoning and then feeling like you are about to pass out at the same time. Like I said, I felt nauseous after the race and ate something and felt a bit better. Then once at home I thought I was going to die.
Two days later I am feeling much better. I do worry a bit about future long runs (I might have PTSD) but want to believe that I had some stomach virus and that it had nothing to do with my nutrition.  Any thoughts on the subject are more then welcome.
It was a beautiful day for a race and I am so glad that both Christi and Aimee had great races :)
There will be other races. I did finish, so for that I  am glad and considering I walked a tremendous amount during the last six miles (including taking off my shoes to get the pebbles out.. I ran on the dirt every chance I had) and was only 9 minutes slower then my Arizona time, I know I was doing well for the first half of the race. Here are some pics at the start and middle of the race.


  1. I am so sorry that you did not have a great race! I understand completely what you went through I have had some races like that and it is no fun. I have found that often times it is my nutrition, specifically that I let myself get dehydrated. I hope you are able to figure the nutrition out!

  2. At least you finished, that alone is a victory considering what you had to deal with out there.

    I would file this under mental toughness

  3. Oh...I'm so sorry about your race. But, you stuck with it and finished, which is awesome! It sounds like you may have had some sort of stomach bug. Or, you could have been dehydrated. Sometimes when I get dehydrated, I get some of those symptoms and it's not a pretty sight. I hope you are feeling better now and hopefully you'll be sickness free on your next long run!