Friday, January 15, 2010

Hanging with the elites.....

My friend Meg and I arrived in Arizona yesterday afternoon. With no time to spare, we checked into our hotel and headed To P.F. Chang's to "do" happy hour with Dean Karnazes, Deena Kaster, Ryan Hall and Josh Cox.  I enjoyed listening to their stories and words of wisdom.  Who runs a 4.45 minute mile??!!! Ryan Hall does. I can not even imagine what that must feel like. I can hardly imagine what a 8 minute mile must feel like for any amount of time beyond 10 seconds.  The message that they all conveyed is that no matter how fast or how slow each of us is, we all feel the same thing when we cross the finish line. The "high" is no different for an elite runner then it is for us mortals. We all are victors.


  1. Wow, cool group of folks! Sounds like they had a good message to share. Ryan Hall will also do the Mardi Gras marathon I am running in Feb, I hope to catch a glance!

    Good Luck today!!

  2. So stoked to find your blog...good luck this weekend. You should have given Dean and Ryan a good smack on the butt just to keep them motivated for the race. :)