Thursday, February 25, 2010

This and That

I pay a coach to write a monthly training plan for me.  I have been doing this for about eight months now. While having my month's training all planned out for me is nice, I don't get feedback and all the other good stuff that people who have coaches get. So, I have recently joined a triathlon club. There are always coaches available at the workouts and there will be six workouts a week that I can pick and choose from once the weather changes. One of my biggest hopes is that I can get together with some of the others who are doing the 70.3 race and not only learn from those who have done the race but ride the course a time or two with them. I am also going to have to figure out the whole nutrition thing with a race of this distance so having coaches available to me will be very helpful. Not bad for $75.00 a year.
I have been having a hard time sticking to my training schedule but am determined to follow it as close as possible this week. So far I have followed almost 100%.  As one friend said to me "that is an accomplishment  by itself"
Speaking of accomplishments, I swam 2000 yards today. My longest distance to date. Thank goodness I have a Swimp3 to keep me in music as I am a slow swimmer and all the back and forth can easily  become a form of torture :)


  1. You have to pay to have your coach write your pplan, but they do not elevuate what happens after the workout? That kinda stinks.

  2. I agree with you. I provide feedback to the person writing the plan but the only thing that I am asked is if I have any questions about it. It is up to me to contact them with any concerns etc. I don't even get a "how did the race go?". Anyway, maybe the tri club will fill in the gaps and even provide me with enough resources to develop my own plan with assistance. Either way, once the summer is over, no more plan writing for me.