Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Guess Where I was This Past Weekend?

Let me share my weekend with you in pictures.

Sister Madonna Buder "Iron Nun"

Chrissie and the camera man


Why they do this

Guess Where I Will be on November 20th, 2011?

Congratulations! You are now registered for 2011 Ironman Arizona

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Miami Man Race Report

 And so the day begins....
 I had numerous requests to have a picture taken with the "Nemo" swim cap on
 The swim cap seems to be a hit with everyone who sees it.
 The HIM started before the Olympic distance race so I had lots of down time (1.25 hours to be exact)
 Finally my wave (the last one) takes off
 The fins at work
 The sun was blinding on the long stretch to the finish. I couldn't see anything or anybody in front of me and went off course. Fortunately a a guy in a kayak got me back on course before I cut it without even knowing it.
 Bike time. This was a long way to the bike mount line
 I plan on purchasing this pic so I feel it is ok to use it :)
 bike complete. Very flat and strait course (not used to that in CO). Some winds on the return but overall a good ride. First time I have raced a course that I hadn't even laid my eyes on.
 Well, I knew it would have to come sometime. The dreaded run. Nice "Tri Tats" don't you think?
 At the first aid station right outside of transition and I am already prepping to pour H20 over my head. It was getting hot!
 Check out the elephants :)  I made it a point to smile at the camera. I never think to smile so of course the reaction from my friends who saw this pic was a repeated "you smiled" or "nice smile". 
Both feet seem to be on the ground but my upper body looks like there is movement.
 At the finish, determined to hit the timing mat (I always worry my time will be missed. Don't know why)

This picture cracks me up!   I was again practicing my smile and pose for the camera but I look like I am in shock that I actually finished.
 Happy to be done and in one piece. I drank tons of fluids during this race and survived without GI issues.

By far the cutest medal I have ever received!

Over all things went well. I started way in the back on the swim and ended up 8th out of 35. This includes a detour off course due to swimming into the sun and not being able to see anything or anybody (literally).  At one point I had to stop and tried to shade my eyes to try and see where I was going but it didn’t work. (The swim was a .6 mile swim). I was number 3 out of 35 on the bike and I am very happy with this. Like I have said in other posts, the bike is my strength.  For all women, I was 40 out of 232 (my little victory before the run)
My run was slow but I am OK with that (this time).  I walked every aid station and spent the time to put ice in my hat on at least three of the (6.6 miles). I drank at every aid station and drank almost all of my bottles on the fuel belt. (I also drank my whole aero bottle full of Infinite and almost a whole other bottle of water while on the bike).  I was drinking a lot! I took four Salt Stick capsules (two on bike and two on the run) and had some Gu Chomps on the bike as well. At about mile two of the run I wasn’t feeling all that well. I walked a short bit and then started to get my second wind after that. A brief period of clouds/shade was a life saver and I just worked on keeping my HR at a certain level which seemed to help.  I ran almost the entire run except the aid stations. I must have looked like I needed ice as one of the volunteers offered it to me before I even asked.  I felt pretty good at the end and didn’t really have any problems after that.  So, an uneventful finish, thank goodness .(17th out of 35 in my age group. Once I figure out how to run, watch out people..LOL)  I was supposed to do this race last year but surgery put an end to that. I was able to transfer my slot to this year and I am glad I did. It was a fun race with a lot of character and special touches.

Finally, one of the highlights for me was having Greg Simony and one of his three friends in my swim wave.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Miami Man Expo... in pictures

Heading to the expo.
 Packet pickup
The bike arrived. Just a little tweaking needed.

 Racking the bike with my new saddle proved a bit challenging at first.
My own little piece of the transition area.
 The longest transition area I have ever seen!

Thank goodness I will be taking a left!
 Bleachers at the finish line.
 Finish Line!
 Muscle Milk Guy
 Lots of swag!
"Tri Tats" for the numbers and check out the swim cap! I hope the fins help :)