Wednesday, April 13, 2011

No Pity Party for Me

So, I ran (and walked) my first half marathon of the season. It didn't go as I would have liked but to be honest I didn't expect much more then I got.  I haven't said much about it to anyone as it is just one of those events that I would rather not think about. For those that know me or read my blog, you know the outcome. Slow at the start, end up walking much of the last few miles all the while battling the GI mystery that no one can figure out. So, that about sums it up!  Oh but here is a nice picture of Julie and I before the race. (Thanks for being such a good picture taker Julie!)
Moving on....
I went with the Speedplays.  I have only done two trainer rides on them but so far so good. I think I will get a better feel for them and the new shoes once I hit the road.  Thanks to everyone for all of your suggestions and thoughts about the whole peddle decision. They are always much appreciated.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

What a difference a day makes!

It was 80+ degrees in Denver yesterday. A new record!  Bikes and Rollerblades were dusted off , the winter mood that effects so many of us was lifted and new possibilities seemed within reach. Then it was Sunday.
Julie and I met at Chatfield Reservoir to do one last long run before next Sunday's Platte River Half Marathon. The wind was blowing and the skies looked ominous but we drove out there and were going to give it a go!
Quickly it was apparent that my stamina was lacking today and that this was going to take even LONGER then it normally takes me (and it takes me a long time to do any run).  The winds picked up right at the first hill and it was there where the walking started. Julie was kind enough to walk with me and we ended up doing a 9.75 run (with a lot of walking of hills) while having great conversation. Now, when I say winds, I am not talking about a breeze. These were winds that could blow your hat off or make you feel like you were being pushed back while trying to move forward. While I was watching the skies and hoping that we would beat the weather, it wasn't to be. With two miles to go, the temperature dropped, the winds got worse, the rain started and hail/sleet began to beat on us. It was brutal. More then once I thought about trying to wave down a car for a ride but really there weren't many people out and I knew we were just going to have to move on despite the elements. By the time we got to the car my hands were in severe pain and I couldn't move my fingers to turn off my Garmin. Julie had to do it for me.  Opening that car door and getting in was like crossing the finish line of a very very hard race. One that you thought would never end. That is how it felt. The only thing better would have been to have hot cocoa waiting for us.
So with that, here are a few pics from Julie and I that give you a much better picture of what we experienced then I could ever do by writing it.
Before we started. We knew the weather was coming.

Taken from inside the car after the run
VERY happy to have shelter!
See the slush on the window?

Ice/slush on the windsheild

Julie looks great! I swear we were in the same weather.
Wet and frozen me.