Monday, January 10, 2011

Maybe some people were just meant to be slow runners.

What do you think about this idea?   Do you think that some people will always run the same pace or close to it no matter how hard they try to get faster?  I have to wonder this sometimes as I read about people knocking minutes and seconds off their run pace and my pace stays the same (for the most part). While I don't run 5 times a week, I run enough that there should be some improvement. I would even feel better about things if I felt that my running was becoming more efficient even if the pace stayed the same.  I don't feel that however. It is just as hard and just as slow as it always has been.  The only exception is running downhill. That is the one time I can run at a faster pace and get an idea of what most people's "slow runs" feel like :)   Thank goodness I can ride a bike!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 in Review

This is the first year that I kept record of miles, yards, time and other workouts, so I don’t have previous numbers to compare it to.  My training slowed down during race season due to a dental infection and surgery that plagued me through the summer but even with that I am content with what I accomplished. 

2010 totals
Bike: 155h 53m 15s  - 2255.26 Mi
Run: 126h 36m 36s  - 685.73 Mi
Swim: 38h 33m 27s  - 104348 Yd
Strength: 28h 58m
Stairmaster: 6h 48m
Walking: 7h 53m 23s
If I had to pick one goal for 2011, it would be to get more running miles in in less time. 
126 hours is a longtime to be on your feet for that amount of miles!Smile

A look back at 2010 (these pics look much better when clicked on)

January 2010. My first half marathon and the only one that I have completed by running the whole distance.

Beating the winter blues with  friends.

platte river race
Platte River Half Marathon.  I fell apart at mile 6.5 and it was down hill from there. The ongoing battle with GI issues while running started with this race.

The new addition to the family

metro brokers bike
First tri of the season and first time racing on my new bike.

The start of the MS 150.  Not one person in line. Amazing!

Boulder Peak.  Finally got to meet Julie who was handing out finisher medals

Boulder 70.3 in the books

Aimee, Julie and me at the Iron Girl Tri.

Crescent Moon.  While a bit blurry, I like this picture because it is one of the few that shows that on occasion my feet do get off the ground Smile

At the end of the Rock and Roll Denver Half Marathon and before the GI horror started. (do you see the pattern starting here?)

DSC00774 (2)DSC00777 (2)
Miami Man’s famous swim cap!

Arizona Ironman 2010. Fun to be a spectator and volunteer.

 What is in store for 2011

Tentative. I am not sure I will be doing the whole Boulder series
4/10/11 Platte River Half Marathon 
6/19/11 5430 Sprint Triathlon
7/10/11  Boulder Peak Triathlon (Olympic)
8/7/11  Boulder 70.3
11/20/11  Ironman Arizona (gulp)

Thanks to all of you for all your support and encouragement.
A special thanks to Brian for being a great spectator and capturing my year in pictures.