Saturday, October 2, 2010

I Want to Take a Moment to.....

Congratulate Julie on her huge accomplishment! Julie and I met this morning to do her scheduled 11 mile run in preparation for the upcoming Denver 1/2 marathon. 11 miles was a bit long for me considering my current running condition but I knew I could always walk if needed and having someone to run with was a nice change.  Until today Julie has never run more then four miles strait. She has run/walked many more miles then that but four miles was her longest run (only) to date. We start our run at a "comfortable" pace and gradually knock off the miles one by one. At mile two Aimee appears and we briefly visit with her before she moved on to complete the last seven of her twenty mile run. She was kind enough to slow down to chat with us and Julie and I did our best to keep up with her :)  At the completion of mile four Julie states that this is the farthest that she has ever run without walking. She is feeling good so we keep on going. One mile leads to another and at the completion of mile seven, I start walking. Julie however, keeps running!  And guess what??? She ran the whole 11 miles!!! I was so excited for her and am smiling ear to ear while typing this.  I couldn't be happier if I did it myself. 
Way to go Julie!! 


  1. Awesome! Way to go Julie! It was so fun to see you two today! :)

  2. Awwe...thanks Kathleen! I had a really great time and yes I am pretty excited about my run. You played a big part in it! Thanks a bunch!

    Aimee great to see you!

  3. Those are the BEST kinds of stories! Thanks for sharing!