Friday, October 21, 2011

Just thinking out loud

I am "athlete # 766" . Yep, the numbers are posted for IMAZ.  I want to thank everyone who took the time to answer my Ironman questions. It was very helpful and gave me things to think about.  Sometimes I ask myself where this year went. It seems like yesterday when I was standing in line to sign up for the 2011 race. That fact that it is just a month away really makes me nervous but I am committed to seeing this through no matter what the results are.  I feel like I should be doing more in the way of prepping for the trip to Arizona but I am so focused on getting my training in and still staying awake at work that it is hard to think about much more. I admit it, I am tired. This Ironman stuff takes a lot of work! :) 

For those that have followed my blog (thank you by the way), you might remember that I have lots of GI issues on long runs. While I haven't found the magic answer to the cause of this problem,  I have switched up my nutrition a bit which seems to be helping. Out went the GU gels and GU chomps that have caffeine and now I am using Cliff gels (chocolate) and Cliff shot blocks (strawberry and mountain berry) all of which do not have caffeine. Can I also say that the chocolate Cliff gels taste really good! So much better then the Gu brand.

I have changed out my saddle again. I so wanted the Adamo saddle to work but after the last long ride I did, I knew that I had to do something. I went to the bike fitter (been there numerous times over the past week) and put my road saddle on my tri bike. While it isn't perfect, it will be better then what I had. If anyone is interested in a white adamo saddle at a very good price, let me know.

I did a pool swim in my wetsuit this week. I wasn't thrilled about doing this for numerous reasons but in the water I went, wetsuit and all. I made it 3200 before I had to take it off. I was way to hot. I have to say though that it was the fastest I have ever swam. :) 

Aimee from I Tri to be Me educated me on "uncrustables" last week during our long ride. I had no idea what they were.. well I had an idea but I just thought it was a nickname for a sandwich. I had no idea they were little pre made pp&j sandwiches.  I have them in my freezer and am going to try one out tomorrow on my ride.

Any suggestions on what to think about as I walk a good part of a marathon in a month? :)


  1. I think you made a good choice getting rid of the caffeine - I used to have the same issue, wondering why my stomach would be so grumbly at the end of my long runs. Took away the espresso gels and BAM no more problems :) You are doing fantastic so don't stress yourself out - you've put in the training and you can worry about packing for the trip once the taper starts. You are READY!

    PS You will NOT be the only one walking the marathon if you are - I know quite a few injured folks planning to do so, plus there are always more. The aid stations are so entertaining and helpful, plus the spectators cheering for you all along the way - it keeps you going. Last time I walked a lot and my thought was to walk with purpose, like I had somewhere to be - the finish line!

  2. You are doing great in the training and I am sure you will do great in the race. I can't wait to stalk you on race day. I will be rooting for you loudly.

    I had to take caffeine out of my diet as well to control my stomach issues. That really helped.

    Enjoy your long workout today!

  3. Thanks again for riding with me today!

    I'm glad your nutrition and saddle issues are coming together! :)

  4. I am excited for you!!!

    Things to think about
    - Does penguins have knees?
    - How does asprin find the head ache?
    - If Teflon is stick free, how do they get it to stick to the pan????
    - If Barbie is soooooo popular, why do you have to buy her friends?
    - Why doesnt McDonalds sell hotdogs?
    - Why when someone yells "HEADS UP" we duck?
    - How licks does it really take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?

  5. Hey! To respond to your blog comment...I wouldn't call it pain per se (most of the time - I mean, some people really injure themselves out there and then it IS painful) but just dealing with your own head telling you to quit or walk or whatever and having to get over your bad self. And feeling very very tired at times and having to stay strong and keep moving forward.