Saturday, April 10, 2010

Calling all bike gurus' and those who enjoy bike porn

I have been doing a bit more tri bike shopping and based on availability, fit and the good people at the LBS, I am thinking about becoming the proud owner to one of these bikes.
While I would have preferred a pretty blue bike that is not in the cards and the nice red and white one that I rode earlier in the week is way beyond my means.  In terms of color, I lean towards the white, charcoal and black one. The red, white and black doesn't do much for me ( I think it looks a bit masculine) though my feelings about the color are not as strong as they were before I spent a good amount of time on it today.
I am attaching the links to each bike so that those of you who know about bike specs can take a look at the differences. I am interested in hearing people's opinion regarding color as well as over all bike. One of the bike's is $1000.00 more then the other. For those in the know, is it worth it?  (based off specs).
I appreciate any feedback you can provide.

Ultimately I don't know what the outcome will be but in the meantime it is helping me from obsessing about the half marathon I have (and am not ready for) tomorrow.
I  hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.  And Thanks for your help and thoughts!
PS... the prices shown on the website are $300 more then the price that I would get it for.  (still quite steep anyway I look at it)


  1. Me likey bike porn...he, he, he, he.

    On a more serious note, the main difference are the wheels (aksium vs. cosmic elite)and the groupset (105 vs. ultegra). I really like the smoothness of the ultegra over the 105s but if you are used to 105s on your road bike then that becomes an option (if you have ultegra on your road bike, I'd stay ultegra).

    Remember you will still have your current bike for a lot of training too so I would thing this new bike should be biased towards racing. Wheels make a big difference in racing but I don't know if you have dreams of renting or buying race wheels in your future. If so, the lower priced wheels are more than fine for training but either would work.

    The summary is that you need to decide if it is worth the extra bucks.

    One other thing to remember, a good LBS, in addition to dialing in the fit, will also swap some things out no cost should you ask for them. The comp comes with a 12x27 on the back and the elite with a 12x25 - the net of this is extra hill climbing gears. Is that important to you in mountain country? Again, what are you used to?

    Hope I didn't confuse you and this helps. Feel free to email if you want.

  2. I know nothing about bikes except they are pretty. :) My decisions seem to come down to, at my level, of fitness and ability how much difference will these things make? Not sure if that makes sense but basically, I just try to figure out if the extra money spent will make that much of a difference in my performance or comfort.

    Thinking of you as you race this morning. Looking forward to a race report! Have a good time.

  3. I don't know much about bikes but I believe a lot this comes down to feel of the bike. Which bike feels the best when you ride it. I had a similar choice when I was testing my road bike. I found that the lower end bike was giving me the more comfortable ride. Just something to consider.

  4. The two biggest differences between the two are the components, ultegra vs 105. 105 is the entry level race gear, ultegra is the next step up. It is a little smoother then the 105, if you already ride in ultergra or dura ace, you will notice a slight difference. But it is slight in my opinion.

    The wheelset is the next one. Askuim is good, sturdy as all get out, they can take a beating and remain true. Cosmic Elite is a much nicer wheelset, you will definetly feel the difference between the two when riding.

    A $1000 is a big price difference. The more expensive one is faster and smoother. But the other one will be a great bike as well. Both are an investment for years to come.

    If it was up to me, I would get what I can afford.