Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Good Day

So my training plan has called for a long run and "up to 2000" yard swim on Saturdays for the past two months. Yesterday was the first time that I actually completed that task. My long runs have always wiped me out and getting to the pool....well it never happened until yesterday. The weather called for strong winds later in the day so I was determined to get out early for the run. While I didn't beat the winds, I was done with the run by 12:30 which allowed for some down time before heading to the pool. I found a new trail with both mile markers and a Port-a-Potty! That is huge!  The only issue I had besides the wind was a continuous cramp in my shoulder. As much as I tried to get rid of it (swinging and stretching my arm ) it didn't work. I tried pushing on it a few times also but I only ended up scratching myself when my fingers slipped. (another reason besides wetsuit rip prevention to cut your finger nails.

  I finally gave up on my shoulder. It took up to much energy to address this while continuing to run.
I spent a couple of hours in the late afternoon watching a swim meet on Universal Sports hoping that it would motivate me to get to the pool. I don't know if it helped. Anyway, I finally made it to the pool around 6:00pm as I knew the pool would be closed on Sunday due to Easter. All six lanes were totally empty!  Fantastic!  That is a dream for me.  Having a lane to myself is such a gift. I laid my gear out (you know, fins, pull buoy, kick board...) and took my usual extra few minutes to adjust my SwimP3 player.

 Can I just say that this is one of the best inventions ever!  Being able to listen to music while swimming has made the endless laps so much more manageable.
After hitting the cool water, I swam my fastest 100 ever!  I have been starting out my swim workouts with 800 freestyle and timing myself. I have started to see real improvement and yesterday was the best day yet.
I can actually say that I am getting a bit faster! I don't know if it was happiness, relief, exhaustion or what but I almost wanted to cry after seeing my times. It is so nice when all the work finally pays off.. even a little bit.

Happy Training Everyone!


  1. Awesome workouts!!! And yes, having music while swimming was really my breakthrough to swimming too, and keeping it up. Now, I haven't had the pleasure though since I'm only swimming with my masters group lately, but it was a huge factor in getting me to enjoy it and stick with it :) Great job!!

  2. Isn't it great when you feel real improvement? Well done.

  3. Nice job on getting your run and swim done! Congrats on having an awesome swim...yay! It must feel great to know that you have improved! :)

    I saw your comment on my blog...I think it's funny that we were on the same trail. I actually ran later in the day around 2:30. But, I wonder if it was the same porta potty we saw...ha ha!

  4. It's funny because the only time I use music is if I'm in the gym. Once in a great while when I ride but hardly ever when I run.

    Your workouts are looking good!

  5. Thanks Everyone!

    Big Daddy Diesel- I e-mailed you some links to info about the SwimP3 player.