Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tomorrow is a big day for me.

I have my first "real" ride tomorrow and I am a bit nervous.  I am riding with a cycling group (never have done that before) that my friend is a part of. I have joined their team for the MS 150. From all I know they are a very friendly group and welcome people of all levels. The one thing that I had to do which I really didn't want to do was remove my aerobars from my road bike.(I am not ready to take my tri bike out on such a venture). We are riding in Boulder tomorrow and apparently doing some major climbing. I have never ridden in Boulder before and between not knowing the route, not knowing 99.9 % of the people and this being probably my most challenging and longest ride to date, to say I am a bit nervous is an understatement. I did however just put 12-27 cassette on my bike to help with the climbing. I am sure I will be fine (I am a much stronger cyclist then a runner) but I haven't ridden near as much this winter as last winter and not knowing what I am getting myself into is very unsettling. There is always a first time for everything right?
Happy Training!


  1. You'll do great!!!! I bet there will be others who have cycled more than you and there will be others who have cycled less!! I know how you feel - I felt it before going to Loveland, and I was just with friends!! Just enjoy the new experience and we'll be sending you good vibes!!

  2. Can't wait to hear about your ride! You will do great. And I bet have a fantastic time. I'll be riding up in Loveland. Weather should be nice but pretty cool when we start way to early in the morning.

  3. You're going to do great! And, yay, it's going to be a beautiful day for a ride! Just have fun out there and enjoy the ride! :)

  4. You will do great! On my first group ride, I did the unclip left foot, lean right and fell right over! Talk about being the "new" guy in the group! LOL