Sunday, July 25, 2010

Nutrition, hydration, overheating.. what is it?

I have read many, many posts about the heat and how it is effecting people and their training as I too am having a really tough time with the heat. During my 10 mile run yesterday I pretty much started crashing at mile five. While I know that I can chalk some of it up to the loss of training over the past 6 weeks due to  dental issues, the problems I am having are not from just being tired or under trained. I started adding walking into my run at the 4.5 mile point and by mile six I was basically walking. I got a really bad headache and was nauseous and dizzy every time I tried to run. I had 20 ounces of fluid with me, a package of Gu Chomps and two Gu gels. I ran out of fluid at about seven miles so that wasn't good. When I finished I was in bad shape but was able to find some shade where I drank some water and ate a banana.
I road the Boulder 70.3 course today.  54.5 miles in just under three hours. I had 60+ ounces of fluid (including Nuun)  and about 500 calories. I finished all the fluids just before the end of the ride. Once I stopped, the same thing happened regarding the dizziness and nausea. This is the first time it has happened to me on the bike.  I sweat a lot but wonder if over heating is a part of this. While I was very dehydrated yesterday, I wasn't as bad today.  I am at a loss on how to manage this. If this happens to me on race day (oh and did I mention it is only 14 days away  YIKES!) I am never going to be able to finish.  So my fellow bloggers, do you have any words of wisdom for me?  I am willing to try just about anything.
Tip of the day. When you open the trunk of your car which has a bike rack on it, make sure you get out of the rack's way before you close the trunk. My Shoulder will be reminding me of this for a few days :)


  1. Sounds like a rough weekend!!! The heat is so difficult...I think you really have to go into those workouts fueled and super-hydrated too to manage it. I have also heard 300 cals/hr is the amount most of us can safely shoot for on the bike, so you may have ended a little underfueled. Maybe build in a few convenience store stops for more water? Either way, WAY TO GO on such a big weekend!

  2. I'm so sorry you're having problems with the heat too! I'm not sure what was causing the dizziness and nausea, but I would assume that it was dehydration. One thing I've really been focusing on is hydrating like crazy the day before I plan to go long in the heat. That way I'm already off to a good start when I begin my workout. So far, it's really been helping!
    I hope the weather for our race is like it was this weekend.'s been nice to have a break from the heat, even if it is only for a couple of days!

  3. Sorry it was such a rough weekend. I have to agree with the dehydration. I'm sure that today you were still dehydrated from yesterday. Like Aimee said for sure be working on the hydration in the days leading up to the race and not just on race day. As far as the running, I would guess you don't want to do it, but how about building in walk breaks before you get to tired. By the time you just can't run anymore it may be to late. Of course I am definitely no expert on this, just some of my thoughts.

    And ouch on the rack meets shoulder thing!

  4. I think staying cool is very important. yes, hydrate before, during and after, but your body uses so much energy to cool those organs it can eat up lots of energy and then bonk! I stop every three miles at a fountain, and pour cold water over my head, several times, splash my face and pour it down my back and over the back of my neck. I look like a drowned rat but gosh does it help. I hope things get better, but still good to hear you're getting out there!

  5. Just like the others, hydrating all week is the key, if you know your going to have a long day, the day before drink more fluids. What I do, I drink a galloon of fluids a day, but if I know I am going to have a long ride, the day before I drank at least a gallon and a half.