Monday, March 7, 2011

I am Back...

I have been gone for quite a while though it seems like much longer!  The new addition to the family
The winter blahs, and dental surgery (yes again) has held my attention and grabbed hold of every minute of my time and energy.   For weeks I had hardly thought about the fact that I have a half marathon in five weeks or that I signed up for this crazy Ironman thing in November.  Yet, a couple of days ago as I turned the corner in my healing from my surgery, the thought of triathlon, running and Ironman  came to mind and with that the butterflies.. the nerves, the what ifs and the "Oh Shit, I need to train!"  Yep, the nerves are tingling, the reality of what is to come is setting in.  I am back.


  1. Oh my god he is soooo cute Kathleen!!!! That picture is adorable!

    Time to train girl!!!! I'm taking it one thing at a time....first the 1/2 mary, then the metric century, then the century, then the 70.3...ok now I'm wondering what I'm in for this summer! I'm going to need you to help keep me training!

  2. Yay! I'm glad you're back!!
    I had a panic moment last week when I realized that I start IMAZ training in about 6 weeks! Yikes!!

  3. Happy to hear from you again! Have fun planning your next season of training!

  4. Mary (Mary's Cocker Haven) said....

    You are so amazing. It takes a lot of dedication to train for a triathlon and/or the ironman. I truly believe that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. I've always been in awesome shape until I had surgery....I've lost 60 pounds and I just started running....Watch out girl next year I might just be your competition HAH!!!!! Mary, Holly & Amanda Dugan are your favorite fans!!! Let us know when your race is and we will be there!!!! Give Casey a kiss as we miss him so much...

  5. Welcome back! Let the spring weather come so the kick a#4 workouts can begin!

  6. I have a half mary in 5 weeks and a late season 140.6 too, we are going the same route

  7. Hi Kathleen!

    Nice blog you have here. FYI, I created a community of triathlete bloggers online called It's still in BETA phase right now but I'm trying to grow the community. You could also win free entry into the 140.6 of your choice! Please check out. Thanks for your help and keep up the good work on your blog!

    Make it a great day,

  8. Your new addition is adorable! Good luck with your training!