Sunday, March 28, 2010

How do I contact followers through Blogger?

Happy Sunday Everyone!
I need some assistance. I would love to be able to e-mail people who post to my blog. Is there a way to do that?  I would like to respond to some  of the comments left for me but I feel if I just add them to the comment thread then the person might never see it.  Thanks in advance for any tips on how to do this.

Hey, it is sunny this morning and supposed to be in the 60s!  The forecast calls for 70 degrees for the next few days. No snow in site!  That is a very good thing!

I have been spending way to much time looking at the great pics of my fellow bloggers new tri bikes and at the same time reminding myself that I have a perfectly fine road bike with aero bars that has served me well.
I don't need a tri bike. Really, I don't.  BUT... I think I might go and test ride one, JUST to see what it feels like. There is no harm in looking right? :)
Happy training!


  1. I've found if someone has made their email address public on their profile, the email with their comments comes from an email address that can be responded to. Otherwise you just have to hope that they have subscribed by email to future comments.

    Now, there is nothing wrong with a little bike porn to start your day from time to time. The geometry of a tri bike is best to get your body position more aero and can make the most difference on flatter courses. That being said, if a course has a lot of hills (like some near you), many people will race on road bike with bars like your current setup.

    I have 4 bikes that I regularly use (one tri, 2 road, one mountain). Most of the training is done on a road bike. I'm not allowed to go into the bike store anymore....

  2. Hit reply in your email you get notifying you of the comment, and if they have an email regristered with blogger, it will goto them,.

    I have met a triathlete yet who doesnt like bike porn, test riding wont hurt anything, the bike set up is different and you will feel it

  3. I added an email to my profile, however for a little bit of privacy it's not my normal email so I will have to remember to check it. But I think that is the only way to email.....or at least the only way I could find.

  4. I love looking at Bike Porn! I also would really love a tri bike but I am trying to be patient and wait. Yea, that is not so easy! I hope you had fun trying some out!

  5. I was going to add my thoughts on how to email bloggers, but it looks like everyone already gave you some good advice! :)

    Did you test ride a tri bike? If so, how was it? I loved my road bike with clip on aero bars and it served me well for 4 years! An opportunity came up where I could get my tri bike for a great price and my husband and I just went for it! I think I'll miss riding my roadie, but I have to say that I am very excited about racing with my tri bike. :)

  6. Thanks for the tips on e-mailing. I appreciate it.
    I haven't test road a a tri bike yet but I plan to soon. Really, I just want to see what if feels like and how much different it is then my road bike. As RockStarTri correctly pointed out, where I live a road bike is probably better for most races. I hope to find out that I don't like the feel/body position of a tri bike but we will see. I also keep reading that they aren't that much faster then road bikes (especially depending on the course). I think comfort would be the deciding factor. That and a price tag!

  7. Kathleen, I like to think as fellow bloggers and followers of each others blogs, that we can now just communicate telepathically.
    But, I would go with all the time-tested traditional stuff first. Here if you need me.