Saturday, June 5, 2010

Metro Broker's TriathlON Friday

Last night I completed my first triathlon of the season. It is held on a Friday evening and the proceeds go to Special Olympics and Adaptive Adventures, two organizations that I am very fond off.  I had not planned on doing this race again this year but was given the opportunity to take some one's place at a discounted rate so I jumped on it. I would have probably done it anyway as I decided that doing a race on a course I know would help shake out the cobwebs and give me a chance to race with my new  bike on "home" turf.  I was so nervous though!  For those that know me, they understand that I always get nervous but this was extreme even for me.

The race went well. It is SO hot before the start that I pretty much looked like I had already been in the water before I made it to the beach area. It felt really good to get in the water though of course there was the whole cold water going your back/zipper thing. I had no problems at all with the wetsuit. ( This was my first time in open water this season.

"Warming" up before the start                                           

The uphill run from the swim to the transition area

There were a good amount of waves from the jet skis and boats which made for a rocky swim. The buoys were also white which made it harder for me to see.

The water looks calm here but it was not to be the case once the swim started.
 I had some goggle fogging also but over all the swim went well. I took almost a 1.44 off my time from last year. The bike went well. I was a mile faster (19.8 vs.. 18.8) this year. I am still a bit cautious about turns and rough roads with the new bike so that slowed me up a tiny bit.

Heading out on the bike

 Then the run. For some crazy reason they set up the course wrong and it was shorter then last year. It is the same course but they made the final turn around to soon! I don't get it. One of the measurements that can be almost exact and they mess it up. So... based on running 2.85 miles vs. the 3.07 miles I ran last year I was 40 seconds per mile faster this year. That includes walking the aid station and taking a couple of short walks up the steepest part of the hills.  Aimee offered some encouraging words as she whipped by me VERY early in the run. :)  


This is how it ended up over all.

I placed 17th out of 41 females

Tied for 6th place on the bike amongst females

64th out of 117 overall ( I was faster then 36 men)

3rd in my age group (there were only five of us). As is always the case, if I was a better runner, I would move up quickly in the ranks as I often have better bike splits the the top people in my age group. That is sure to change in Boulder however.  Maybe I should consider an Aquabike.

It was nice to finally meet Aimee(I Tri To Be Me). Congrats on a fantastic race!

Look how serious the guys on the right are while the one  on the far left looks like he is hanging out just enjoying the scenery?   


  1. Well done! It must feel great to break the ice on the race season and to show improvement.

  2. WooHoo!!! Great race girl!!!! Way to start of the season!

  3. Congrats on your first race this year. You done well!!!!!! Especially considering the seriousness of these contestants

  4. This is great Kathleen!!!! You really did very well with no problems aprart from a little fogging!!! FANTASTIC!!!! Very proud of you, but I knew you could do it!!! You have been working so hard!

  5. Great job!!! Congrats on your first tri of the year!!!

  6. Woohoo! Congrats on your race! You did awesome! It was nice to meet you too! :) You got some great pics, and I love the one at the end with the male racers. Ha's so funny how some are super focused and some not so much! :)

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  8. Congrats on a great race! Hey, my coach suggest using Johnson's baby shampoo in your googles to keep them from fogging. I tried it this weekend and it worked. You might give it a try.

  9. Great job on the tri!! I'm with ya on the running, and will be doing an Aquabike in just under 2 weeks! Podium finish!! YOU ROCK! Congrats!