Thursday, March 4, 2010

Who Knew????

It took me a good month or so to get up the nerve to sign up for my first triathlon two years ago. At the time my only real thought was about completing the race and spicing up my somewhat stale workouts. I never thought that the click of an registration button would lead me to challenges I never thought I would take on, places I had never visited and most importantly friends and a community that has come to mean so much to me.  I just finished reading some of the blogs that I am following.  I don't frequent them as much as I would like but each time I do, I find myself comforted by the reminder that there are others out there who share some of the same thoughts, worry about the same things and are experiencing many of the same things that I am. Reading about the successes that you all have brings a smile to my face. I am truly happy for you and know that I am cheering you on. Reading about the challenges and struggles makes you all the more interesting and makes me want to read more.  We might never meet in person but I am pleased to have the opportunity to get to know you.


  1. I will have to ditto on that sentiment. Nothing inspires me more than the blogs I read!

  2. I just saw your event schedule. I, too, am doing the MS 150. I hope we can meet up then!

  3. I feel the same thing, its great to see and read everyones experiences and stories.