Saturday, March 13, 2010

Today's Training Tip: Don't Worry, Be Happy -From Runner's World

Written by Mark Remy-Runner's World Magazine

03/11/2010 9:49 AM
By Mark Remy
"Have a juice box. Relax. Everything's cool."
"Relax. Life is good. Have a juice box."
Mark Remy
Runners — myself very much included — are always touting the stress-relieving aspects of a good run. Nine times out of 10 or better, you can start a run as a ball of anxiety and end it practically blissed-out. It’s nice.
For an activity with such a reputation as a stress-buster, though, running can induce a lot of stress all its own. Personally, running has added to my anxiety levels in the following ways just in the past week or so:
* I dreaded Sunday’s 20-miler, for the usual reasons: I hate to wake up early, especially on weekends; I worried that I hadn’t sufficiently recovered from the previous Sunday’s crazy-hilly 17-miler; because we wouldn’t be following a planned route, there was a chance we could get lost and wind up running, I dunno, 30 miles for all I knew, in the wrong direction, culminating in our flagging down a motorist and riding home in the back of some weirdo’s pickup truck, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles-style.
* I’ve realized suddenly that I have a marathon in less than three weeks. Gulp.
* I was anxious about yesterday’s hill repeats. Because they’re hill repeats.
These are real stressors. But you know what? I’ve decided not to worry anymore. I’ve decided to be happy.
My inspiration for turning this particular corner: Mr. Bobby McFerrin, who turns 60 years old today and who is probably celebrating by relaxing in some loose cotton pants as he rocks gently back and forth and hums his trademark tune, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.”
The Don’t Worry, Be Happy approach has lots of real-life applications, both in running and in, well, real life. For instance…
This weekend’s long run is going to be so long. And hilly. And hurt-y. I’m already feeling it in my quads.
Don’t Worry:
Relax. It’s nothing you haven’t done before. And that hurt means you’re making progress and getting stronger. It’s called training, champ.
Be Happy: Won’t it be nice after the run to take a shower, make some pancakes, and plop down with the Sunday paper? Ahhh.
I’ve been training so long for this race.  What if I miss my goal by a lot? Or, worse, by a little?
Don’t Worry: Relax. There will be other races, and other goals. And any goal that you’re guaranteed to attain isn’t much of a goal, is it?
Be Happy: At least you’re healthy and strong enough to be racing in the first place. Many, many people out there are not. You’re one of the lucky ones.
Isn’t this blog post awfully similar in structure and tone to that treadmill one from a few weeks ago?
Don’t Worry:
Relax. Stop living in the past, man.
Be Happy: Uh… Hey, look… cute puppies!


  1. Hi Kathleen. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your mark! Great blog, good information, and funny. The last couple of weeks I have gotten into the habit of submitting, and allowing myself to know that I will get it done, even though sometimes I have to sacrifice training to enjoy being a dad and husband.

    Keep on keeping on!

  2. Training shouldnt be stressful, but a stress releiver like you mentioned. We put to much stress on ourselves, your right, just be happy

  3. We do put way to much stress on ourselves! I always am anxious before a run. You would think I was at the start line of a race :) Part of it is my personality I think ( I just get nervous easily) and I think the other part is that I know it is going to be tough. Crazy.. oh well. I will just try to be happy that it is a nice day out today and not worry if I complete my scheduled "long run" without walking :)

  4. Yes! Be happy, I think it's a requirement for good training and a great life!