Saturday, March 20, 2010

Snow on the first day of Spring

While pretty, this is doing nothing for my training!  I am supposed to do a long run today and the idea of doing it on the treadmill makes me want to go back to bed and hide under the covers.  If I had the right shoes and didn't think I would slip and break something I would head outside anyway even if it is only in the 20s'. With race season just around the corner and my building nerves about the 70.3 race, I am thinking I might be putting some of my vacation time to use. I hate being inside all day anyway especially when we do have the nice days. All I think about is what training I could be doing if I wasn't stuck in an office staring at a monitor.
Here's hoping everyone meets their goals this weekend.


  1. I just realized you live in CO! I do too! Didn't the snow just suck on Saturday? But, it was so nice today! The weather here is so crazy! I actually nixed my run on Sat. and did it today instead.

    I hope the snow we're supposed to be getting on Tues. fizzles out. I'm getting really tired of this 60 degree one day and 30 degree w/snow the next!